Modern, abstract CREATIO ART paintings feature powerful colors and become the focal point of attention and pride of any room. CREATIO ART paintings create a unique style in flats, suites, lofts and simply amaze in such prestigious interiors as hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs and discos.

CREATIO ART offers acrylic paintings on canvas and digital paintings for print on different types of material (canvas, glass, plexi) and also have the possibility to be used with backlit LED lamps. CREATIO ART projects are dedicated to individuals, companies, institutions, interior designers, architects, packaging, product designers, fashion designers and producers/manufacturers of all types.

The painter, Emilia Switala, is an American Literary History and American Cultural History graduate of the LMU Munich University, the founder and owner of the copywriting agency CREATIO ADVERTISING, and  author of the book " Der Opfer - Täter - Zyklus. Die Darstellung des afroamerikanischen Mannes in Sehr Blaue Augen und Solomons Lied von Toni Morrison," published in 2008 by VDM in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.


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